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What did you think about this film?  Did you gain a better understanding of the Sunni, Shiite or Kurd perspectives? Did  the filmmaker show bias in his depiction of the different stories?



03/07/2009 13:13

I didn't really understand the point of this film. I thought it was a good insight into the world of Iraq and its citizens, but I didn't really see the main focus of the documentary. I gained a better understanding of the power struggle going on between the three groups, but not the three groups themselves. The all seemed to have one goal though, to force the US out of Iraq and to bring a native group to power. I did not pick up on any bias by the filmmaker. However, he did tend to interview the citizens who were against Americans stationed in Iraq. Overall, I thought the documentary was informative, but it did not have a profound effect on me or sway my opinions in any one direction.

03/08/2009 11:42

WELL,I comPLEATly agree wiTH SyDnEy.

Robby L
03/08/2009 18:08

I also noticed the Anti-American presence sentiment in Iraq among the groups, which could indicate media bias. As far as representation of the groups interviewed is concerned, I didn't notice media bias. It was interesting reading subtitles without having a narrator telling you what was going on.

03/08/2009 20:18

I have to agree with what everybody has been saying but especially Sydney. What was actually the point of this documentary? I found the interviews interesting. However, with everything put together I didn't pick up on a main focus or point in the documentary.

03/09/2009 07:20

I thought it was interesting that the boy went 4 or 5 years to school and was not able to write his fathers name. Kids that life over there do not have the opportunity to something big with their life even if there have dreams like this boy.

03/09/2009 07:40

It was really annoying to have to read subtitles the whole documentary on a tiny tv without any narration. I don't understand the focus either.

03/09/2009 11:34

I liked this documentary a lot. Really. I guess if I had a "favorite" group of Iraqis, it has to be the Kurds. They seemed to be the ones who wanted unity the most, and although there was violence and unrest, they adknowledged these problems and said that it would be a while before they would ever be united again. I do believe this might be due to a bias of the filmmaker, but then again, I've never really seen an unbiased documentary.

03/09/2009 19:53

I didn't quite understand this one. It seemed like half the time the iraqis were disgusted with all of the west and then the other half they were happy we came.

03/10/2009 22:34

I actually didn't see any of this documentary at all. Based on my crude knowledge of the conflict, I will say that the entire situation will take at least our generation to fix, if not longer. Like everything we study in here, there is no simple solution to this problem, as much as we would all like there to be.

03/11/2009 06:02

I agree with Sydney. I did not understand what the point of the documentary was t all.

03/12/2009 11:38

I liked this documentary because it portrayed one of the reasons I oppose the war in Iraq...I feel that often the US becomes involved in issues for our own benefit and does not actually focus on what the country we are tyring to help needs...we focus on making contries more like us because we think that the way we do things is the best and we don't realize that what we think is the "right way" may not be the right way for others....

03/13/2009 13:44

I have to agree with everyone...

03/14/2009 16:26

Aw, I can't say anything about this one =[.


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