Contemporary World Issues


What did you think about this film?  Did you gain a better understanding of the Sunni, Shiite or Kurd perspectives? Did  the filmmaker show bias in his depiction of the different stories?


Thoughts on the documentary.  Are all corporations "bad"?  Would the standard of living in the U.S. be as high without large businesses?  What is the government's role in the business sector?  Where is this role in the Constitution?


Which candidates interested you?  What are your thoughts on the issues raised in the forum?


What should be the US government's response to Darfur?  Should we become involved in the human right crises in all countries?


Are you an advocate of legal assisted suicide?  What perimeters should be included in the laws?  What are the dangers of legal assistance?  What are the advantages?  How real is the "slippery slope" of abuse of the law?


What do you know about the current state constitution?


    CWI - 2nd Semester

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Welcome to the websites of the CWI class at Huntsville High. This is an elective course that focuses on domestic and international current events.