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Which candidates interested you?  What are your thoughts on the issues raised in the forum?



02/24/2009 09:51

The people that came across best for me were Paul Sanford and Mary Scott Hunter. While they came across well because of Sanford's honesty and Mary Scott Hunter's charisma, I did not like her ideas.

02/24/2009 09:54

The candidates that interested me were Paul Sanford and Gihvan. I think that Sanford is a fresh face and a much needed change in Montgomery. He was relatable and seems like he would listen to the citizens of Alabama and truly follow through with their ideas. I also thought Gihvan seemed to have a great deal of experience as a leader. The constitutional ideas surprised me.

02/24/2009 09:54

I was very interested to hear what Paul Sanford had to say. Immediately, he seemed easy to talk to, he seemed like he would listen to the people, and he seemed like he really knew what needed to change in Montgomery. I appreciate his position as a small business owner, as well as a very good speaker, and a "simple man." For lack of a better comparison, he reminded me of my dad, who is a very honest and hardworking person, and who thinks of other people when making important decisions. I liked Mary Scott Hunter at first, I liked her ideas, but later in the debate realized there wasn't much substance to her arguments, and felt like the "daughter of the famous Alabama quarterback" comment as well as the "I'm a fighter" comment were unecessary and immediately changed my mind. I wasn't interested in Anthony Daniels at first, but he was a good speaker and sparked my curiousity to speak with him further. I felt Wright was a poor public speaker and was not fully behind his ideas if he had to read them off of a printed website. His ideas, had he delivered them in a more eloquent manner, were believable and understandable, and I could support them. Rhodes, who seemed very likable and gregarious, is a very nice guy who I think would be okay in Montgomery, but the staunch, ultra-religious conservative stereotype was simply reinforced with his lack of belief in compromise and successful bipartisan politics. Givhan seems like he has a large following, but was forgettable and did not stand out in the debate.

02/24/2009 09:55

I got the opportunity to speak to a few of the candidates after the debate. I asked each of them the same question "why are you running?" The way they answered this question really influenced the way I will choose to vote in the coming election. After Daniels' closing statement, I was compelled to learn more about his views; mainly his statement reguarding his so-called inexperience. After speaking to him, I determined for myself that he was being humble. IM NOT DONE YET!.....

Will T.
02/24/2009 09:55

Without revealing who I do, in fact, plan to vote for, I will say that I made my decision based on the candidates' response to my question. (No, Will, don't go watch the whole thing again and then try to guess). I have a list of three in mind, and I talked with a few candidates at the reception. I will say that if a Republican is to represent me in Montgomery, I'd like it to be Paul Sanford. His ideas on the separation of church and state are very appealing to me.

Robby L
02/24/2009 09:55

Several candidates supported positions on a variety of issues that were congruent with my viewpoints.

Paul Sanford Interests Me: He was in touch with the people, and was very honest. I think Sanford's Entrepreneurship gives him insight that many of the other candidates simply don't have when addressing economic concerns. This will be critical with addressing important issues like proration.

Peter Wright Interests Me: What can I say? He gets economics in the Tennessee Valley. He's worked in a variety of Aerospace settings, both civillian and military. He's a military leader and "gets it" when it comes to tackling important issues.

Mary Scott Hunter Interests Me: She's charismatic, and motivated. She has the initiative to tackle the "proffessional" politicians that continue to propagate throughout Alabama politics. Like Sanford, she has small business experience which gives her unique insight into the efficient operation of an organization.

The Common Denominator between these three candidates that interests me: Is that they all exhibit great leadership qualities. They have a strong foundation in faith, which encourages values like honesty, leadership, and integrity, which are all imperative to make State Politics transparent and honest.

02/24/2009 17:35

Anthony Daniels caught my attention.
He does not have experience but like he said,
there are experienced people in Montgomery..... but look where we are now.
Plus he wants to have a lottery and I've always wanted Alabama to have a lottery.
He also wants to change the constitution step by step.
I also liked Stanford but he doesn't want to change the Constitution now.
And we needed a new one like 10 years ago.

02/24/2009 18:23

CONTINUED: I was impressed by Sanford. He cut through the political frosting and hit the truth of the matter. He is what we need in a senator; Someone who isn't running to make a career out of politics, but instead genuinely wants to make a difference. He's for real.

Melissa Russell
02/24/2009 19:35

Did NOT like Sanford - came across as a jerk to me.

Liked givhan the best, he was the only one that ever gave a specific plan for anything. Daniels was alright as well, but seemed a little young?

The others just didn't make that big of an impression. Hunter had my 'first impression' vote, but then came across as too militaristic for her own good.

Bigger question - what are these people actually going to do down in Montgomery, regardless of who's elected? Is this actually going to change anything?

02/25/2009 15:36

IMO, Roger Richardson and Paul Sanford came across the best. Both were genuine, candid, and fresh in their delivery.
Sanford substantially answered the question of proration by explaining how he would vote to prepare budgets based on the previous fiscal year to prevent Alabama from preparing a budget we simply cannot afford. Look no further than California to see the necessity of not overbudgeting (The state may not be able to pay tax refunds and will be forced to layoff thousands of state employees because of overextending their budget).

To take a quick stab at Melissa's question, it all has to do with the party balance of power in the Alabama Senate. CHARLES J. DEAN and KIM CHANDLER explain the importance of the three open seats in the 35 member Senate (all previously held by Democrats) in this article

03/01/2009 01:18

Does Danials have a site? he seemed the most prepared as far as having a plan for each of the questions, the only problem being that he is not very charismatic and it seems to me, though this is just my impression, that he has little to no experience in politics

Mrs. B
03/01/2009 05:22

Daniels' website is

03/01/2009 08:13

I honestly do not know who I like the best...I didn't see the debate but from my own research and from hearing people discuss the candidates in class...i know that I do not particularly like Mary Scott Hunter. I think that Danials is definitely going places and I like his ideas however I don't know if he would be able to make with the "old" people already in Montgomery. Since I am sure that a republican will win, I do like Paul Sanford pretty well, mainly because I believe he does have the best interest of the people in mind and will listen to alternative ideas.

03/02/2009 18:57

my favorite was richardson, but i like what wright said about building a new med school in alabama.

03/03/2009 06:28

I didn't get to see the debate. From the video, I can't make up my mind about who i like, but I think there are some I definitely don't like after watching it. I want to read more about each of them.

03/03/2009 07:00

I personally like Paul Samford. I also liked Mary Scott Hunter, howvere i also agree that some of her comments were not necessary. However, I most definately did not like Peter Wright. I felt he was harsh and frankly just didnt come across very well.

03/13/2009 13:28

I personally liked Richardson. He was very good speaker yes but he didn't seem like an advertisement ad like everyone else. Also if I recall correctly, he was the only one who said that corrupt politicians shouldn't just get a slap on the wrist but rather lose there job and be disallowed to continue in politics.

03/14/2009 16:44

I think a lot of us agree on basic things, like how certain people seemed more charismatic or were better communicators of their ideas than others.
But what I thought was the most interesting thing about the debate was the spectrum of conservatism that the Republican candidates represented. The Republican Party has over the past decade or so been made up (almost?) primarily of neo-conservatives, as opposed to a more traditional conservatism. This is a reason why Colin Powell was a supporter of Barack Obama, for example. Since their loss in the election, the Party - it seems - has tried to turn away form that, and I think it's interesting to see that more people were interested in a more grounded, practical Republican like Sanford, than an a religious, ideological one like Rhodes.

12/16/2013 20:26

This is a reason why Colin Powell was a supporter of Barack Obama, for example. Since their loss in the election, the Party - it seems - has tried to turn away form that, and I think it's interesting to see that more people were interested in a more grounded, practical Republican like Sanford, than an a religious, ideological one like Rhodes.


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