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Barack Obamas Internet Strategy


Barack Obamas present in the Internet was a big issue in the newspaper at the begin of the year 2008. A lot of articles tried to analyze the strategy of Obamas team for capturing the web community.

This page is a try to sum up the main facts and opionions on this issue. Furthermore it should explain the importance of this tool for Barack Obamas succes until now.

he Website of Barack Obama ( is the most important part of the web strategy of his campaign '08 team.

The Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes is the coordinator of online organizing within the Campaign '08 and had developed new functions for the official website of the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party. Supporters can create their own profiles and blogs on the social networking part of the website. Furthermore is chatting and planing of grassroots events as well as foundraising a big part of the platform.
Actually are 70,00 user on registered. They donated over $6 million dollar of the $25 million the Obama campaign raised in the first quarter of 2007. Often between $50 and $200.

Another part of the campaign are the official accounts at big Social Networking Sites as for example Myspace or Facebook. The number of friends of Barack Obama on Facebook is tripled in comparison to John McCain's Account.
The Youtube Channel of Barack Obama was viewed by over 16 Millions people in Fall 2008 and published around 1400 speeches, documentaries and clips. But not only the official campaign publish videos, manyusers made clips with their own view and opinion about Obama and his campaign. One of the most popular videos with the title
I Got a Crush... on Obama is about the fictional love between a young woman and Barack Obama.

Some interesting Links and main sources of this page:

1) A group blog with charts and news about the presidential campaign 2008 and a lot of informations how the presidential candidates use the web:

2) An Article by the BBC about the "Internet Key to Obamas Victory" (title) and a video-interview which sums up the important facts.:

3)An Article by the Business Week about Obamas Social Network strategy: (March 2008)

4) An Article by the New York Times from July 2007 about the realtionship between Facebook and Obama as such as his web strategy in general:

5) A book with forty-four essays about "The hopes of reenergizing, reorganizing, and reorienting our government for the Internet Age" (self description). Free Download as .pdf file possible:


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