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Thoughts on the documentary.  Are all corporations "bad"?  Would the standard of living in the U.S. be as high without large businesses?  What is the government's role in the business sector?  Where is this role in the Constitution?



Robby L
02/28/2009 11:06

I think the documentary was favorable towards the negative aspects of corporations, and was a heavy promoter of increased government regulation. I know that all corporations are not bad, but bad practices do take place within corporations worldwide. One example: While I am skeptical of how anthropogenic (human-induced) global warming is significantly impacted by Carbon Dioxide produced by humans, I do believe we must not pollute our environment by dumping dangerous chemicals into our environment like CFC's and DDT. I know that Corporations have increased the quality of life for people (and animals, plants, etc.) world wide. The computer I likely would not have this computer without a corporation, and I think corporations increase efficiency is our nation's economy, by collaborating resources into entities so that they can advance their respective fields more then they could if these corporations were a series of small businesses. I think that the government is a lot like a corporation in a variety of ways. The government managing assets, spending money, increasing efficiency, and developing a "product" which is the best quality of life possible for the people, by the people. The government has the roll of ensuring unsafe products don't make it to the public, and ensuring one company does not prevent competition in a market. However, I think a lot of the responsibilities of business in the responsible operations of a business lie within the personal responsibility of the corporation itself. The economic system in a democracy is largely free, with some government regulation. I think the very nature of the constitution promotes competition, and gives the power of the economy to the people, not the government.

03/01/2009 00:00

well, one can't make an across the board statement saying all corps. are bad, but it certianly seems that way.

03/01/2009 08:17

this documentary scares me. i have never been a big fan of big corporations/businesses, but this put it on a whole other lever for me. the influence of corporations on our society really does scare me and i think that they will continue to have negative effects on society. However, i don't think anything will be done about it for a long time simply because they do have so much power and because people are not aware how influential they are in EVERYONES life.

03/01/2009 14:01

I don't think all corporations are bad. It is true that the majority of them are not always doing something for the public's best interest, but I'm sure that they did not intend on it being that way. I don't know if the standard of living would be as high without large businesses. We just do not realize how involved they are in our everyday lives. Even though it is a little uncomfortable knowing the kind of power they hold over people, we can't forget the kind of options we have because of them. Corporations help bring variety and diversity into the United States as well as many jobs. They are not all world conquerers. Normally, the government's role in the business sector is to stay out. They rarely interfere unless there is a problem that is greatly publicized that they are then forced to address. The government and big businesses have had this kind of laissez faire relationship dating back to the beginnings of US Steel and the oil companies. Big businesses sometimes seem to hold more power and sway over the people than the government does. Even though we may want to take power from the giant corporations, I think it is a pretty impossible task to do effectively and without great conflict.

03/01/2009 19:11

I'd have to agree with Sydney. The corporation's greatest interest is not doing things for the public's best interest but for their stock-holder's best interest. If they fail to make money for their stock-holders, they will cease to have those stock-holders and likely cease to exist.

Will Tucker
03/02/2009 18:52

Our high standard of living wouldn't be possible if these companies didn't do what they do. That said, the issue I take is that it seems as though the whole concept of incorporation is based on a legal fallacy. The 14th Amendment guarantees rights to all PEOPLE. Whoever said a "corporation" is a "person" was, apart from being a hot-shot lawyer who got lucky by finding a loophole that made him a lot of money, based his argument on something that just isn't in the Constitution. I'm hesitant to point this out mainly because some base their arguments against abortion on the same notion, that the legal brief is organized around a judicial-activist interpretation of the "Privacy clause" which also, regrettably, is based in Constitutional interpretation and not specified. I see few real similarities, though. For one, the Privacy clause is justified by the Supreme Court's interpretation--all I want to say is that the Supreme Court needs to justify seeing corporations as "people" in the same way they outlined their justification in Roe.

Melissa Russell
03/02/2009 21:25

I think I must have missed the groundbreaking, important part of this video (orthodontist!) because the video I watched didn't really affect me at all. That is, except for the part about the water wars in Bolivia that we saw today. I agree with something Simon said last semester - that the next war will be fought over water. I think it's something we need to pay closer attention to.

03/03/2009 04:43

03/03/2009 07:01

I dont think all corporations are bad, however i do agree that many of them are corrupt. I do feel that the video was biased and made it worse then it was. But i most definately think that corporations do not usually put the people first in their dealings.

03/03/2009 15:45

Conspiracy videos are fun but you have to watch them with a grain of salt. It was good practice in looking for media biases! Never would have guessed corporations came from the 14th amendment. Does anyone know the court case that established this?

03/03/2009 19:38

this documentary scared me a little. right now i have no idea how invovled these companies are in my life and i haven't had any problems... yet; but who knows what will happen in the next years and how much more influence these companies will gain in the future.

03/05/2009 18:22

I have to admit, the video didn't have a huge impact on me. It proved its point well, but I guess since I feel that I have not been directly impacted by the corruption of corprate leaders, I don't really have much of a stand on either side...

03/09/2009 07:35

I do not think all corporations are bad, they are just looking at the interest of the company and its success rather than the interest of the people. Our standard of living probably wouldn't be as high without them.

03/09/2009 11:37

I think this was an insanely biased video. I do think that corporations can be corrupt and "evil," but then again, I also think that there are good corporations. Corporations are necessary for our standard of living (nod to Will, that was really well-put) and I don't believe they should be completely comdemned. They just need a certain amount of government regulation and public awareness to keep them in line.

03/13/2009 13:40

I do believe that this movie was incredibly biased. I do believe however that corporations are turning away from the consumers. By this I mean they are worried about making more money than is necessary to run a successful business and are jacking up prices to make the 'important' people wealthier while at the same time their employees see no raise in their paychecks.


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