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What should be the US government's response to Darfur?  Should we become involved in the human right crises in all countries?



02/24/2009 09:44

I believe that someone has got to help with the genocide in Darfur. I think that if financially the U.S. is able to help the situation, then they should. However if funds are not available, then i think that American media should atleast make the genocide in Darfur known to the public, so the people have the oppurtunity to help Darfur.

02/24/2009 09:47

I think that the US government should acknowledge that there is a crisis in Darfur. I think we should continue to send aide to the victims of this horrible conflict. However, I do not think that the answer to this problem is war. Sending troops in will only cause more problems. We should be involved in the human rights crises in all countries to an extent. However, we should know our boundaries and try to find compromise between helping and fixing other countries.

02/24/2009 09:48

I think overall, the US government should not be involved in the human right crises in all countries. While the US government is heavily involved in Iraq, there can be no meaningful presence held in Darfur.

02/24/2009 14:21

I'll be the mean believer in isolation. We aren't in an economic state to be the world's superhero. Private organizations that do have a stable financial situation should be doing everything in their power to help those in Darfur, but our government needs to turn most, if not all, of its attention on our current economic disaster, our unemployment rates, our own growing poverty, and other issues facing our own country. When we become a stable nation, we can begin to open the doors to helping others. Otherwise, we will crumble from spreading ourselves too thin.

Kyle Thorstad
02/24/2009 17:55

Ok, so this is what I was gonna say in class before I got cut off by the bell.
Like 4 years ago when I learned about the problem in Darfur, I wanted to send money over there, get involved and even go over there.
But 4 years later, I realize that we can't hold their hands.
They need to help themselves.
Whites enslaved, raped, and murdered black people. But no one came to help them.
Racism in America stayed the same until someone got pissed off enough to stand up and fight back.
And when the oppressed people stand up and fight, they stand up and fight with more heart than anyone.
And when good change comes they strive to keep it that way.
So thats what I mean by saying that us not doing anything would help them the most.

02/24/2009 18:38

Wow Kyle. I completely agree. I've never thought about it that way before. No matter how strongly we are opposed to what's going on over there, we can't be the ones to continuely pick up the pieces and fix the world's problems. The only way to make a long term change in any situation like this one, is for the oppressed people to get the spark to fight for themselves. However, I think when that time comes, when they finally stand up for themselves, we should be there to support them. But THEY need to decide when enough is enough and make the first effort.

Melissa Russell
02/24/2009 19:49

I guess i'll be the idealist that believes we should do everything we can to help the situation in Darfur. Obviously military action will not solve anything, but just because the US doesn't send a physical military force into the region doesn't mean we have to stand by and watch this happen. Plenty of organizations exist trying to stop the crisis, but even the seemingly simple act of getting supplies (not to mention money) to the places they are needed is nearly impossible because of the Sudanese and surrounding governments. I just think its wrong that we stand by and watch Darfur burn.

Plus, since this is being compared to the Holocaust, how did the Holocaust end? I completely see your point Kyle, but peacekeeping troops liberated the camps after the war. The people in those camps for the most part weren't able, even after witnessing their families being burned alive, to organize the kind of resistance you're talking about. I'm sure the oppressed people in Sudan already have the 'spark' to fight against the government, but has that helped anything? I don't think leaving them to fend for themselves is excusable at all.

03/01/2009 01:16

the way I see it, while the situation should be remidied, the ill affects of A)not just starting another war but replacing another goverment would be exorbidently expensive and B) showing the world that we are attacking another Islam based country, esp. another muslim dictator, as well as just more good old american "hoo-haa" for not respecting another goverments rights do to what it wants with its "natural resourses" would not make us any more friends in the U.S. or Outside it.

03/01/2009 08:08

the best way for me to explain how i feel about this is in a quote from alice walker, "Choose a country other than you own to love. Keep a finger on its pulse.” I think that by no means the US need to be a "savior" to every other country in the world..but that we need to be aware of other countries needs and help in ways that they need us to and in ways that we can afford to.

03/02/2009 18:55

the whole situation is very complicated and i have no idea how to find a final solution. i think it is not americas job to actually go in there with some military troops. but i can not think of another way to solve the problem.

03/03/2009 04:33

I think it would probably be best for our country to fix its own economic problems right now before we do something like try to solve the situation in Darfur, but i feel like after all the attention that has been put on it that we are just sitting back and watching thousands of people be killed. And to think that they could fight with the little to none resources that they have...

03/13/2009 13:20

I agree with kyle and lauren. The US should have no business in Darfur and should solve its own problems before anything else.


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