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Are you an advocate of legal assisted suicide?  What perimeters should be included in the laws?  What are the dangers of legal assistance?  What are the advantages?  How real is the "slippery slope" of abuse of the law?



02/04/2009 14:58

I am an advocate of assisted suicide. I believe that it is inevitable. If someone truly wants to end their life, then they will find a way to do it, either illegally or legally. By providing them with a legal and more humane way to commit suicide, it prevents the dangers of a botched attempt and it could keep others out of harms way. I think that the perimeters that should be included in the laws are an age limit, therapy, and deep analysis to make sure that this is the only option available. The dangers of legal assistance are malpractice and less drive to discover cures for terminal illnesses. The advantage would be that it would put people out of their suffering and misery.

02/04/2009 17:26

There's no doubting that assisted suicide is a state law and should be determined by each individual state, so its impossible to answer the question at a national level. Personally, I don't understand how, as a doctor, you could kill someone or allow someone to kill themselves. From my perspective, people become doctors to help people get well and overcome sickness. Not Kill people whether legal or not.

Robby L
02/04/2009 17:43

I'm not an advocate of assisted suicide (or its base (suicide). I don't think it's the doctor's decision, or the patients decision for that matter, to decide when their life ends. Some dangers of assisted suicide include the possibility of killing someone who could remain (or become) a highly influential human being. It could be argued that assisted suicide prevents unnecessary suffering, but I certainly don't think death is the answer to that problem.

I also agree that, with the option of assisted suicide available, it will reduce the incentive of a doctor to sustain a person's life.

It's all about saving lives.

02/04/2009 18:41

If someone is hurting and they want to kill themselves, let them do it.

I do think that there should be regulations though like those stated in Oregon's Death with Dignity Act.

In my personal opinion, when the patient chooses to kill themselves, they have to take it upon themselves to do it (if physically able to do so). I think the doctors should assist in giving the patient a PCA (Patient Controlled Anesthesia).
The patient would have to push the button
that would inject a lethal dose of a drug.

And i don't really think your going to Hell if you kill yourself.

02/04/2009 20:14

i think if there is no other option for the patient then he/she should have the right to die.
actually i didn't want to tell the story:
i saw my grandma and my dad dying. my dad was suffering a lot from cancer and ( i know it sounds terrible) i wish he would have the opportunity to shorten his last month because the way he died wasn't painless at all.
i just want to say that if a person is suffering and there is no other way the pation should have the right to die and that with dignity.

02/05/2009 06:59

I think that assisted suicide is an incredibly controversial issue. Im not sure if i'm for it or against it. I think personally you should continue to live your life until you can't anymore. But if the patient happened to be in severe pain or a vegetated state for a number of years then I think that assiseted suicide might be a viable option. However, if assisted suicide was to ever become a real option then I think there would have to be many numerous safeguards put into place to insure that the patient's decision was definate and strictly there own. I also think that the fact that this could make killing seem usual to society and "normal" is a definate reason for concern.

02/05/2009 16:34

I think the choice should be there. I don't see giving people that choice in making out their will to be somthing that is sinful.

02/05/2009 18:24

Assisted suicide is one of those things you can't really understand until it affects you or your family members directly. I think it should be introduced as a legal practice, but only used as a 'last resort.' The rules and restrictions in effect already seem like a good place to start, but much needs to be discussed before any laws can realistically be passed.

02/06/2009 07:01

I agree with Melissa. I don't think we can judge until we've beeen put into that position. But I think that if a doctor wants to offer that, he should have to go through a series of evaluations to make sure he is competent and would use assisted suicide as a last resort and not a cure.

Will Tucker
02/06/2009 11:11

I still think that you can relate assisted suicide to abortion. Government regulation of it would infringe upon the privacy rights established in Roe v. Wade. That's not to say I like the idea of it--I don't like the idea of abortion either. It's just not government's place to regulate that kind of stuff.

02/07/2009 15:14

I feel like assisted suicide should be an option for certain individuals, and it should be a choice they make, not the government. Just like abortion, and Roe v. Wade, as the choice should be made by the person affected.

02/08/2009 12:39

Actually assisted suicide is one of the issues that i really don't know where I stand. I understand the argument that when a person is suffering with a terminal illness that that person should be able to have a choice. However, I also feel it is wrong to commit suicide.

03/01/2009 01:10

I think it should be like abortion. while most don't go out and get one all the time, its good to know that the option is there should everything really go downhill


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