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What do you know about the current state constitution?



01/06/2009 13:46

Alabama's constitutions is the longest one in the nation. Rather than rewriting the constitution, legislators feel they have to add amendment after amendment creating a constitutions that has almost 800 amendments! Plus, it requires citizens of Alabama to vote to pass amendments that have nothing to do with their counties...there are laws concerning , grocery taxes, bingo laws, and all sorts of silly things that do not concern people outside of the individual county. It is RIDICULOUS!

01/07/2009 13:53

I agree with Molly. It is ridiculous some of the laws the state constitution has, and there is no need to have 800 amendmaents. I really believe its time to just sit down and rewrite it, instead of just continuously adding to it.

01/07/2009 15:06

I also agree with Molly and Alicia. There is no need to have a state constitution that is longer than the United States constitution. I know rewriting the constitution is not any easy or quick process, but I believe it is neccessary. We should not be voting on issues that do not even concern us. An amendment cannot be beneficial if it is voted on by people who do not understand the circumstances.

01/08/2009 16:14

I was googling crazy laws in Alabama, and I found that, "It is unlawful to wear women’s pumps with sharp, high heels."-Mobile. And, "If an animal control officer is in uniform, it signifies to the public that he is an animal control officer," that one is from our very own Huntsville! I am sure at the time these laws seemed necessary for a particular case, but I think anyone can agree that they are plainly stupid. So I am following suit with Molly, Alicia, and Sydney. These laws are ludicrous and need to be completely removed from our constitution. I also agree that Alabama's voting regulations are absurd and desperately need to be reconstructed.

01/08/2009 18:27

I think A LOT of people all feel the same way about the subject. The REAL question should be about how to get legislators to care enough to spend their time changing it.

01/08/2009 21:30

Close to half of the state legislature's time is spent dealing with local problems that could be resolved locally. Think of what our legislature COULD do with all that time.

01/09/2009 13:52

Regardless of whether or not we like our Constitution it is not an issue of the state legislature wasting time or as simple as sitting down and rewriting it. The Constitution is written such that it is such a complex and difficult process to rewrite it that it is near impossible without complete support of the people. Additionally the state legislature likes the way the constitution is written because it gives immense power to them and as long as people do not know enough or care enough to make their voices heard on the issue there will be no change.

01/09/2009 14:10

it is just a question, because i am not an american, but why do you all care if there are some stupit laws? i think too that it is ridiculous to have so much laws nobody really needs, but there are much bigger problems.....

01/09/2009 21:26

Theresa, you're missing the point. The laws aren't simply stupid, they hurt the effiency of our government. I don't want to be shortchanged because of a slow beuracratic system made slower by an inefficient constitution

01/10/2009 11:23

You guys are definitely hitting the nail on the head with the efficiency and control arguments.

But we still need a WAY to change things, not just the understanding of what's wrong with them.

Robby L
01/12/2009 14:42

Agreed, We Need a New Constitution.

Not only is our Constitution Rediculuously Long, it wastes money and time.

During The Recent elections, I noticed several issues on the ballot that were not pertinent to me. An example issue would be a tax hike in Blount County, AL for a new waste water treatment plant. Now, Would I, the Citizen of Huntsville (Madison Co., AL) know enough about the situation in Blount county to make an intelligent decision regarding the issue. Probably Not.

Mr. B
01/15/2009 07:07

So do you think that the tax structure embedded in the Constitution has been significant in the fiscal problems that our state is currently facing?

01/22/2009 19:38

certianly. it was explained in the "Its A Big Book" vid. spending has decreased, so sales tax revenue has decreased

01/23/2009 06:27

The tax structure surely doesn't help, but if more people actually paid taxes, it wouldn't be as much of a problem.

01/23/2009 14:50

Ah! 10 minutes late! Sorry, just got home. I feel like our constitution documentary idea would not only be educational, it would be hilarious. And it wouldn't necessarily be a huge undertaking, either. I think about 10 to 15 people could definately make a humorous and interesting video for others to use.

01/24/2009 16:06

The tax structure imbedded in the constitution provides limits on taxes which is a great thing that you have to appreciate. However and ideally, the constitution would also adress sources for revenue when spending decreases in certain years. For example, if revenues are running low, instead of prorating, we could temporarily raise property taxes in slumping years.


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